81 Color Turkey Fair You Are Invited to the B2b Meeting Program 09-12 September 2021

The 81 Colors Turkey Fair B2B Meeting Program, which will be held under the auspices of the  Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is taking place on 09-12 September 2021

Each of our 81 provinces separately but at the same time; With its culture, history, tourism, local flavors, sun, sea, nature and differences; With the tour operators and travel agencies that will visit the fair, a platform is offered to each province to provide pre-planned B2B meetings.

In B2B meetings, it is aimed to come together with the officials of the Governorship of each province and the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism to establish cooperation for the development of tourism between countries.

With the communication link you will provide on the public side, you will be presented with reliable and sustainable contacts in the organizations you will organize in the provinces in accordance with the public officials’ missions.

We would be pleased to see you among us in the 81 Color Turkey Fair B2B Interview Program.

Transportation and accommodation will be covered by us.

For the B2B meeting program,interested persons can create their records from the link below