FlyPool, the ecological carpooling solution to and from the airports, is slowly landing on every continent!

A green revolution has come up, with FlyPool! On 15 February 2024, the first ecological carpooling solution dedicated to airport transfers was launched by a Frenchman, Mathieu Burthey. FlyPool aims to help all international air travelers, from airport professionals to globetrotters, by preserving their precious time, wallets and the environment.

An application committed to user comfort and sustainable practices

In 2024, 4.7 billion travelers are expected on the world’s air routes. This influx leads to difficulties in managing passenger flows: saturated roads, crowded and expensive parking lots, long and fallible public transport access, etc. In addition to these logistics inconveniences the impact of this detrimental flow on the environment is significant.

Recognizing this unequivocal reality, the FlyPool concept has arisen to enhance the physical and economic comfort, peace of mind for travelers, and the ongoing commitment to environmental protection, without which the essence of travel would be lost. The icing on the cake is that these inevitable trips become a moment of conviviality.

“At FlyPool, we share a vision of mobility that transcends borders, making travel more accessible, friendlier and environmentally sustainable. Every carpool is an opportunity to move towards a sustainable and carbon-free mode of transport. Together, let’s create a world where the essence of travel is in harmony with environmental responsibility”. Mathieu Burthey, CEO of FlyPool.

FlyPool, the eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative for individuals…

FlyPool goes beyond being just a carpooling application. It simplifies the coordination and planning of your upcoming airport trips worldwide, eliminating stress from the equation. Besides being free and environmentally conscious, every traveler has the chance to accumulate FlyPoints, which can be redeemed for discount vouchers from the brand’s partners or useful products available in the FlyPool store. Additionally, the startup empowers their FlyPoolers to become agents of change by converting their FlyPoints into donations for partner NGOs, supporting impactful projects.

…and airport professionals around the world!

By necessity, airports are often located outside cities, sometimes several dozen kilometers away. As a result, professionals in the air sector therefore find themselves dependent on the sharply increasing cost of traveling by individual vehicles.

FlyPool goes beyond assisting those who occasionally travel to the airport. The application is also tailored for all airport workers seeking a daily commuting solution: pilots, flight attendants, stewards, ground crew, refuelers, security personnel, and more, fostering moments that catalyze human connections!

About FlyPool:

Created in 2023 by Mathieu Burthey, a French serial entrepreneur and avid traveler, FlyPool is a free French carpooling application specially designed for travel to and from airports worldwide. Operating on every continent, FlyPool is aimed at both air travelers and airport professionals. Via points system convertible into discount vouchers and products available on the FlyPool store, the application enables everyone to save money and reduce their environmental footprint. Each journey with FlyPool contributes to charitable causes in order to support impactful NGOs , supporting impactful NGOs dedicated to animal, marine, or environmental causes. Application available on Apple Store and Google Pay.

More information on: http://flypool.me/ / LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram