Aruu Falls, the Natural Jewel of Northern Uganda

Located in Angagura Sub-county in the Northern Uganda District of Pader are the Aruu Falls, the natural jewel of Northern Uganda.

The falls are 45kms from Gulu Town, making it accessible for very many tourists going to other tourism destinations like Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park.

About the Falls

From a distance you can hear the falls roar in glory. They are well located in the middle of a forested area, all in green.

It’s so freshening to hear the sound of the water and breath in the fresh air.

The Falls bless you will their beautiful flow of water gushing out of the seven enclaves known as Lanya Kweyo, Wang Okiye, Lacee, Okello Gem, Ryanga, Awilo Yaa and Akweyo.

The rocks are formed into steps from which water pours out effortlessly.

Natives say that the water at Aruu falls is drawn from River Agago that flows through Agago and Pader Districts.

Like it is with almost every natural treasure Aruu falls has its own story. Tales have it that the enclave around Aruu Falls has been inhabited by a group of people referred to as Jo P’Kongo who earlier had migrated from Otwa and settled at Lapaya Village in search of greener pastures.

The Jo P’Kongo people are believed to have been fleeing from a conflict and now occupy the banks of the enclaves around the falls. This is evident from the stone cuttings and artifacts seen on different rocks.

The locals also said that the original inhabitants of the Lapaya village were washed away by water because they were in its way and only two people survived a woman and her husband who were not around when it happened.

Till date the falls are viewed as a mystery by the local community.

Back to the falls, they are a vibrant sight to watch l was in awe.

Activities you can do at the falls

The Falls and its rocks are a nice spot to enjoy a bath under the water fall but they are very slippery to climb and swimming is not advisable.

One can go for a nature walk around the falls. A local guide is recommended to guide you through.

Picnic lunches are a dream come true at the falls because they will offer you a wonderful site as you enjoy your meal.

For birders, this can be a spot for you to seat and watch the birds come for a drink as butterfly’s also fly away in the forest.

For lovers of Photography, this is the place to take that memorable photo that you will always hold dear to your heart because of the overwhelming beauty it will give you as an outcome. I highly recommend this spot for photography.

As for the travel stopovers, the falls will be a bonus for your travel in the northern region as you relax on the rocky features since it will give you a different touch of nature from what you may have seen from the Kidepo Valley National Park.