Tanzania: Nature Tanzania applauds JPM, set to advance Tourism

FOLLOWING President John Magufuli’s serious lift of Tanzania from a less developed country to a lower middle-income country, Nature Tanzania plans to improve tourism in the new season that has just started.

That was said yesterday to the ‘Daily News’by Arusha-based national conservation NGO Nature Tanzania Board Chairman, Mr John Yonazi Salehe, adding that they were proud of Dr Magufuli, and his approach to spearhead environmental conservation that also ensures tourism pays even more.

The feat comes five years ahead of the Tanzania Development Vision-2025, thanks to President Magufuli initiatives in reviving the economy, by, among others tapping natural resources and controlling theft and misuse such as minerals and tourism attractions.

He said that the idea of the World Bank classifying Tanzania in the said group is great and hence, congratulated stakeholders in the tourism sector, who made it possible for such success to be achieved in a short stint.

“We Nature Tanzania congratulate President John Magufuli, stakeholders and indeed all Tanzanians, because the success is huge and we are proud to have such a leader at the helm. I am sure we are now in the middle-income group.

We are really happy, because it was not easy to attain the status but we have been able through such a dedicated leadership and patriotism,” said Mr Salehe.

However, the chairman pledged that as the tourism season started last month after suffering low turnout of tourists due to the world being hit by the Coronavirus, which led to skies closures, restrictions of movements of people within and outside many countries, Nature Tanzania will see a bright future in the sector.

He said the target now is to increase efficiency and profitability, which earn the country foreign currencies by attracting more tourists, especially those who wish to view different kinds of birds that Tanzania offers.

Nature Tanzania is an independent membership national conservation NGO with its offices located at TEMDO, Njiro Road in Arusha with a vision to become a recognised, active, independent, strong, vibrant, trusted, reliable, leading membership organisation, with best practices in nature conservation.

It promotes and enables nature conservation with a special focus on status of threatened species to ensure are improved; Rehabilitate, restore and conserve degraded habitats.

Source: Daily News