The thrilling zip lining experience in Mabira Rain Forest

When you talk about tourism, the ideas that pop up very first in people’s minds are things like the game drives, bird watching and hiking.

But of late, activities like zip lining, quad biking and whitewater rafting are slowly but surely becoming popular.

For an adventurer like me, it’s only right that l take on thrilling activities like Ziplining.

Located 44 kilometers east of Kampala is Mabira Forest Reserve, the only rain forest in central Uganda found along the Kampala-Jinja Highway in Mukono district.

Mabira Forest is home to Griffin Falls Camp, a project that was set up by the Mabira Forest Integrated Community Organization to promote ecotourism.

At Griffin Falls Camp, I was welcomed by Hussein Kato my tour guide of the day.

He briefed me about Ziplining and put emphasis on the does and don’ts.

Kato said that the activity consisted of six ziplines and that once you started, there was no going back.

A zip line is made up of a pulley suspended on a cable between two points made of steel. These are then mounted on a slope and trees to enable people to propel themselves by gravity.

Before we proceeded to the starting point, Kato asked me to sign a waiver which meant that l was signing away my life.

We then took a 30 minutes walk through the pristine rain forest to our starting point.

The trees on which we used to zipline were about 40 meters high and 80 meters apart.

“On the six lines we have a person that will be guiding you on what to do. But keep in mind that when you are going to land, you will have to lift up your legs so that you don’t hit them on the landing board,” Kato said.

First l had to climb up the tree and since am scared of heights l did not even think of looking down. l just kept climbing and finally l made it to the first line.

“Congratulations just keep going you will surely enjoy it and even come back again. I will be waiting for you,” Kato told me when l reached my first zipline.

Up on the tree l met a gentleman, who told me not to be scared but rather enjoy every moment.

He also assured me how l was in safe hands and that there has never been any accident.

That gave me more courage.

He then asked me if l was ready to go but a small part in me was hesitant.

Off l was on the first line screaming my lungs with my eyes closed.

By the time l was on the third line l was able to open my eyes and actually enjoy being in the sky like a bird.

It was breathtaking to look down at the trees as monkeys somersaulted from one tree to another, as if they were also enjoying watching me take on the challenge.

On the sixth line l felt fearless l could conquer anything.

This amazing experience costs Shs 60,000 (about $16) per person.