Uganda Awarded the Safer Tourism Evaluated Seal

Today, the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) can be proud. Uganda Tourism Board CEO Lilly Ajarova and Quality Assurance Officer Samora Semakula applied on August 24 for the Safer Tourism Seal . In addition to the self-assessment, UTB included a request for an independent evaluation.

The Safer Tourism Seal is available for any destination and tourism stakeholder based on self-assessment. By the Uganda Tourism Board adding the important option and going a step further for an evaluation, shows an important commitment and a way to double check on policies in place.

Dr. Peter Tarlow is the head of Safer Tourism and also a member of the Project Hope team in regards to safety and security by the African Tourism Board . He worked with Uganda in 2019 when Uganda also did not hesitate to go out in full strength combating a health crisis.

The Uganda Tourism Board is one of the founding members of the African Tourism Board.

Cuthbert Ncube of the African Tourism Board said: “Indeed it is with great admiration as I congratulate Lilly and the Uganda Tourism Board in joining the Captains of the Tourism sector in adopting the – Safer Tourism Seal. As most Member States are slowly reopened their borders it is of paramount importance,  that the precautionary measures have adhered.

Uganda is a strategic and key role player in the continent in driving the economic recovery in the Region, Rebuilding Travel will recognize, support, and work with countries who are playing a pivotal roll in destination management post-COVID-19.

After one month of extensive brainstorming and going over important documents and interviews, the Uganda Tourism Board is now best prepared to fulfill all the elements needed to operate as safely as possible as a popular travel and tourism destination.

Source: eTurbo News