With insurance and discounts, Turkey is set to welcome tourists from July

Turkey is all set to welcome travellers with a comprehensive “Safe Tourism Certification” programme, a plan that covers all aspects of the journey from the aircraft to the airport, transfers and hotels. Not only this. From 1 July, airlines, tour operators and online marketplaces will also sell health insurance packages. And in a gesture of appreciation, flag carrier Turkish Airlines is offering a 40% discount to healthcare staff from around the world.

The government will certify hotels, restaurants for hygiene

Turkey’s new Safe Tourism Certification programme requires airlines, airports, tour and transfer vehicles, restaurants and accommodations to maintain strict levels of health and hygiene. Hotels and restaurants have to meet 132 criteria to get certified. Hotels, for instance, are required to set up a separate section on their properties to isolate guests who test positive for COVID-19.This is a non-compulsory programme. Establishments can apply for verification to  authorised international accreditation institutions listed on the tourism ministry website. It also has a list of accommodations, restaurants and tour and transfer vehicles that have been given certification or are in the process of procuring it.

Tourists will be screened on arrival

As per the new health and safety protocol, tourists will be “health-checked” on arrival at Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, Izmir and Istanbul airports, the provinces that draw the most tourists in Turkey. “Their body temperatures will be measured. If there is a suspicion, tourists will be taken for a PCR test,” the country’s tourism minister said.

Medical insurance will be available everywhere

Turkey is making sure medical insurance is available everywhere. Tourists will be able to buy insurance through airlines, hotels, tour operators, and at various sales points before passport control. All medical costs up to €3,000 (AED 12,400), €5,000 (AED 20,670) and €7,000 (AED 29,640) will be covered for travellers who purchase these insurance packages for as little as €15 (AED 62), €19 (AED 78.50) and €23 (AED 95), respectively. The health insurance package also includes COVID care.

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Turkish Airlines offering 40% discount for healthcare workers

Meanwhile, as a token of appreciation for healthcare workers helping in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Turkish Airlines has announced a 40 percent discount on all tickets they purchase from the carrier’s website or mobile app. This is applicable to medical staff from around the world. Three people travelling with the medical professionals will also be able to get their tickets at discounted rates. Tickets must be purchased between 6 June and 1 August for travel between 6 June 2020–31 May 2021. For details, visit the Turkish Airlines website.

This story originally ran on cntraveller.in