Billionaire Sudhir discovers trekking gorillas was ‘sweeter than money’

Billionaire Sudhir Ruparelia, his wife Jyotsna once again sought an electrifying experience with friends.

The group was this week trekking mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park.

The adventure is one of the highly prized experiences on Uganda’s tourism package, alongside mountain climbing of Rwenzori, seeing the Big 5 in parks such as Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls, among others.

On Wednesday morning, Sudhir shared on his social media platforms photos of this experience with a caption reading, “Gorilla trekking a must for all, once in a life time”.

And indeed, people who trek gorillas and have a close interaction with the apes who share almost 99% with humans, say, the experience is breathtaking.

The Ugandan billionaire is of recent enjoying the trappings of life, many things he missed at he grew his business empire. Sudhir is regularly seen sharing his experiences on having adventures with his wife, or children and grand child. The billionaire seems to be having more time to rejuvenate himself since he delegated several functions of his business empire to his children.

Among the experiences Sudhir has shared in recent past, are photographs riding on an elephants with his wife in Nepal, skiing in heavy winter in North America with his entire family during the just ended Christmas break and cheering his son Rajiv who has turned a motor rally ace.

This is not Sudhir’s first time in Bwindi trekking these amazing human cousins.

“This is my third time and Jyotsna fifth,” he told Watchdog Uganda when contacted to share his experience of gorillas.

Sudhir is a prominent investor in the tourism sector with interests in accommodations, fine dining, meetings, events and conferences, as well as events and hospitality training.

The billionaire has invested in high end international hotel facilities such as Speke Resort Munyonyo, but also budget but quality apartments in places such as Wampewo Avenue, Kitante, Bukoto among others.

Many guests to his hotels end up in Bwindi and return to tell great stories from Uganda.

This time round, Sudhir’s team trekked Habinyanja group in Buhoma sector.

“Gorilla trekking is an experience like no other,” he said after the experience, which saw him climb steep grounds on their way up the mountain through the forest, to locate gorillas.

“It is a must do activity for anyone who loves tourism and conservation.” He told Africa Tembelea website, which covers tourism experiences.

With increasing high class residences in national parks, this website understand Sudhir’s group stayed at Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge and Africa Tembelea reported on Wednesday that he was a happy to see facilities in the parks have improved a great deal. This is a great endorsement given the fact that Sudhir himself is a tourism accommodations developer with great tastes.

Uganda has recently seen an increase in the population of Mountain Gorillas growing from 400 in 2010 to 459 in 2018.

Source: Watchdog News