Covid-19: Entebbe Airport undergoes 30-day disinfection exercise

Entebbe International Airport is undergoing a massive disinfection exercise aimed at ensuring that any surfaces that may have been contaminated with coronavirus (COVID-19) are cleaned. The 30-day exercise is undertaken by A&M Executive Cleaners.

According to the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority’s Director Airports and Aviation Security, Eng Sooma Ayub, since many of the people who tested positive for COVID-19 in Uganda passed through Entebbe International Airport, it is appropriate that all areas where they passed and probably touched are properly disinfected.

“While passenger flights in and out of Entebbe are temporarily suspended, the airport still handles cargo and emergency flights and these come with crew members who continue to use the airport facilities. It is therefore important that this is done for the safety of workers and users of the airport,” Eng Sooma said on Thursday.

The UCAA Manager Public Affairs, Mr Vianney Luggya, explained that the on-going disinfection exercise will cover the entire airport, including the Arrivals Hall, Airside, VIP and VVIP facilities.

“Even the buses and coasters that were used to transport people to quarantine centres have already been disinfected. We also equipped frontline staff with protective gear, including face masks, gloves and sanitizers to diminish the spread of the disease,” he said.

The confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Friday morning stood at 45.

Regular hand washing with soap and water and/or use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers are among the key measures recommended by the Ministry of Health to avert the spread of coronavirus.

Others include; observing social distancing, avoiding shaking hands, avoiding touching soft parts like mouth, eyes and nose; staying home and self-isolating from others in the household if one feels unwell.

Source: Daily Monitor