iVisa: process your visa from your smartphone

Have you heard of iVisa?

Well, if you are planning to travel abroad, especially for the first time, feeling anxious about the visa application process is part of the journey. It usually involves taking some days off from work, going to the embassy (sometimes several times and usually far from your home), and waiting in the queue.

And like most government institutions, you know what you are likely to be up against: brick wall bureaucracy. There is simply too much to check off your to-do list, and sometimes certain things can go wrong when you incorrectly apply for the visa.

So what if I told you that there is a simpler, faster and convenient way of applying for your travel visa? Well, there is!

Back in 2011, two Harvard Business School students, Sergio and David, went through the same frustrating experience when they were applying for their travel visas to India for their Harvard MBA programme trip.

It was through this needlessly torturous experience that the two students stumbled upon the idea of starting an online visa processing platform that would help others to conveniently apply for travel visas without having to go through the same.

Enter iVisa

In 2012, Sergio and David’s idea came to life, and it was baptized iVisa. This revolutionary online visa processing platform has since become one of the world’s leading visa processing services and a saving grace for those who find a major headache in governments’ visa offices.

With iVisa, now you can do everything online, on your smartphone or computer and in the comfort of your living room. And all you need is just one application form — no more juggling multiple, headache-inducing forms that could potentially make you forget some vital information.

If you choose to use iVisa for your visa application process, all you need to do is simply submit your passport and the other required documents (depending on which country you intend to travel to) and then fill out one form. That’s it. With no government red tape, your visa will be processed, as long as you submit the right documents.

Application process

Simply log onto the iVisa website, www.ivisa.com, and there you’ll find everything laid out for your easy navigation, whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or computer. And it doesn’t matter where you are planning to travel to — iVisa can help you get a visa to almost anywhere in the world!

Once on the iVisa website, don’t dive deep immediately. First, choose where you’re from (your country) and where you intend to travel to. iVisa will let you know what you’ll need to get the visa to your chosen destination, how long it’ll take to be approved, and how much money you’ll have to part with.

Once you are through with the process and your visa is approved, it will be electronically linked to your passport, meaning that you won’t get a physical stamp. Upon arrival at your final destination, immigration officials will simply scan your passport and see that you have the appropriate visa.

And if you are travelling to a country that doesn’t yet have an e-visa system in place, no worries. iVisa will help you to get a paper visa and a physical stamp in your passport.

99.7% approval, 100% money-back guarantee

iVisa boasts 99.7% visa application approval. But if you happen to be one of that unlucky 0.3 % — whether it’s the government visa office to blame of iVisa’s mistake — iVisa offers a 100% refund. Besides, if you feel that you are not satisfied with iVisa’s services, just let them know and you will still have your money back.

And the good thing with iVisa is that they keep you in the loop throughout your visa application process — you can always check the status of your application, anytime. If you find anything confusing, simply head over to their website’s chat room and talk to a representative who is always right there and ready to answer whatever questions you might have.

You can even call iVisa directly during business hours or, for issues that are not so urgent, you can send them an email and you’ll hear back from someone in a day or two.

What travellers say about iVisa

“Great experience! Really quick and easy! I received notification that our visas were ready within 3 days of submitting the forms online. I noticed an error (on my part) after the visa paperwork work was issued and I got an almost immediate response to my e-mail letting me know they were working on the change. I will most definitely be using this service for future trips to Vietnam!” Coopman Junior says of his experience with iVisa in an online review.

Liz, another reviewer, says: “Glad I found your company! Highly recommend the service. I spent 3 hours trying to complete a visa form on the government website for India and was not successful due to crashes and failures to accept the proper documents upon upload.

“I searched for a reputable visa service on Trip Advisor and iVisa was the ONLY one that had positive feedback. After my own personal contact with support to validate the company, I went ahead with the process and it worked perfectly. I recommend iVisa for their professionalism, transparency and reasonable costs.

“The service fee of $35 was well worth it given the frustration and time wasted trying to manage it on my own. I only wish I had found iVisa sooner. I am an active traveler and could have used their help in the past. I will use them in the future.”