Leaving a mark on a trip to Africa, exceptional experiences!

Trips to the African continent are always unpredictable, a return to the origins of everything, the balance between all species, and the wildest and most beautiful nature that can be admired today.
The dream destination for all luxury safari lovers, curious explorers who want to feel the extraordinary scenic beauty of Africa lives, coming face to face with the most authentic nature. I want to present you with the exact analysis of what fascinates and excites me when designing your vacations in Africa -created with so much care- in an absolutely magical atmosphere.
Africa, the third-largest continent in the world and ”the cradle of humanity”, is full of lush tropical forests, mysterious places, and endless valleys and savannahs; where the largest number of wild animals live in freedom, such as; elephants, rhinos, hippos, lions, buffalo… etc. Fortunately, this Adventure ensures a privileged interaction with the fascinating Big Five of Africa: The Big Five. Without forgetting its world-famous deserts, the thousands of species of birds that flutter through its unbeatable atmosphere, and the rich flora that covers the fertile lands of its landscapes.

Our Eden lies in the heart of Cape Town, allied with every pristine destination; such a bond wraps a gift. We know first-hand that safari travel in South Africa perfectly represents the current state of African Luxury; its wonderful activities, high-end boutique accommodations [one more filmic], and select destinations where the constant peculiarity and its emblematic experiences; will not leave room for the classic and routine. A country to enjoy at any time of the year!
In addition, and fortunately, just 200 kilometers from Cape Town, exclusive boats set sail daily with experts and lovers of luxury diving from all over the world in search of the great King and marine predator… the majestic White Shark of South Africa.
There are nature reserves set up on purpose to design your exquisite safaris in Africa and discover our leading South African safari experiences. For example, the Kruger Park: is unique and legendary. The true sanctuary of luxury safaris and the most intimate and close environment, transmitting confidence in wildlife, accompanied by the best guides and learning activities. It condenses all the beauty of flora and fauna of the continent to make your exploration safari unique and live an idyllic experience on your vacation, together with the virgin and real persuasive atmosphere of ‘Out of Africa.’

The so-called red desert of Africa, Kalahari, the fifth largest in the world and located in the south of the continent, will surprise you with the striking and peculiar reddish colors of its sands; as well as its magnificent neighbor, the Namib Desert, with vast wildlife teeming with antelopes, giraffes, and meerkats traversing Namibia’s endlessly luxurious landscape and its spellbinding Skeleton Coast. And on the other hand, Botswana [awarded as the green oasis of the Kalahari] offers the famous wetlands of the Okavango Delta; and the Chobe National Park. Did you know that it is home to 120,000 elephants?
Trips to Africa ensure an intimate encounter between the most coveted, beautiful wild animals free from the pure savannah habitat, guarded by tropical forests. Let’s talk about the Gorilla Trekking sanctuary; trips to Rwanda will leave you speechless. You will find even the most attractive possibility of spotting mountain gorillas and friendly chimpanzees -extremely endangered species today- and nursed with care by each Rwandan local.
These experiences will immerse you in the same scenario as the most epic and famous adventure films.
Other leading and essential destinations for your trip are the wild and natural Kenya and Tanzania, where you will enjoy the heart of Africa in a historical setting resplendent with magic. Nowhere in the world is a movement of animals as extensive as the Great Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania itself or landscapes as magnificent as Africa’s highest peaks, Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Panoramic views that will leave you speechless!
Africa is a paradise for nature lovers. In addition to having impressive routes and landscapes where you can do the best luxury safaris and hiking in tropical life, it is perfect for offering its visitors the most exquisite areas of absolute comfort, designed for all tastes when traveling to Africa.
From infinite rivers and flows, explorations of untamed oceans and seas full of underwater life and remote mysteries and infinite luxury activities; to stay in exquisite five-star resort hotels and the most exclusive private Lodges on the planet, with unsurpassed designs and immersed in the most coveted savannah paradises in the world. Can you imagine waking up to a beautiful saffron sunrise, a perspective of the typical movie horizon, elephants, giraffes, and much more?
It is the perfect time to make your dreams a reality.
Who has never heard of Victoria Falls? Did you know that… the best angle and perspectives delight through a magical helicopter flight? Safaris in Zambia will give much to talk about, and it is a place of natural wonders, extremely mysterious and peculiar.
Fortunately, it is not enough to complement a luxury trip to Africa, and there are endless opportunities for enjoyment under the pristine waters of the Ocean. Do you know the secret of a tropical paradise?
We are talking about bewitching places like the Seychelles Islands or Mauritius, two of the most prestigious destinations for a vacation in Africa of complete relaxation and wealth, surrounded by beautiful and unmistakable beaches dotted with shimmering turquoise waters and sprinkled with exotic coconut palms. And of course, without leaving behind the great dream of the Maldives, you will wake up in one of the Top Lodges and most luxurious boutiques and unique from all Maldives. From your suite and in the middle of the sea, you will be able to see the incredible orange sunrises while having a delicious African breakfast to relax and unwind after finishing your adventures of safaris, hiking trails, and water activities. Unparalleled Luxury!
You will venture through our best recommended African countries, an exclusive way to enjoy Africa so that you can discover incredible places, incomparable accommodation with the rest of the world’s ranches, exciting safari and beach adventures, and tourist attractions with the most privileged landscapes. Traveling to Africa is a dream, at least to fulfill, once in a lifetime.

Yes, Africa is beautiful and wild, Africa is history; Africa is a great adventure; but above all, Africa is its people.
It has such a unique culture where dance cults, Santeria, and African rhythms are present that will envelop you in the customs of its magical tribes.
This is what will really make you remember your trip to Africa, its people, its kindness, and its art enormously significant to the world with an artistic language that will speak to you of ancient times.

By; Andrew Busingye & Associates