Mount Kilimanjaro: Spending holidays on Africa’s highest peak

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, pulls crowds of tourists within Africa and from all around the globe during the holidays. It’s on so many people’s travel bucket list.

Even to see this majestic beauty from ground level is astonishing, never mind those adventurists who seek to climb the mountain itself. But now, visitors who love this iconic mountain can enjoy their holidays on its slopes while enjoying the shining colors of its snows, its green vegetation, and the glimmering colors from the morning sunrise.

Making a round trip on the mountain slopes, one can start a day-long safari from its entry gate at Marangu and then take a tarmac and smooth road to Rombo on its eastern side.

A round trip of the mountain covers about 248 kilometers starting from Marangu Gate where most tourists start their climbing expeditions.

Setting off on the drive in the morning, tourists pass through lush banana and coffee farms, tourist hotels, lodges, guest houses of all classes, and other recreational facilities.

Mount Kilimanjaro controls the entire area on its laps with rich and attractive scenery which attract tourists looking to enjoy their stay in cool weather and enjoying nature on the slopes along with cultural heritage and the rich history of the people.

All villages are accessible by modernized roads, while key services including mobile phone and Internet connectivity are easily available. Water and electricity supplies are all available in most villages, along with entertainment centers.

Neighboring the East African leading tourist cities of Arusha and Nairobi, the Kilimanjaro region is such an idyllic tourist paradise where tens of thousands of local and foreign holidaymakers flock during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The Kilimanjaro region is one among African localities with a long and outstanding history blended with modern lifestyles enough to attract high-end tourists and other visitors looking to relax and mingle with local communities in real traditional African villages.

With Mount Kilimanjaro seen from all corners of this region, tourists could view the gigantic picturesque peaks of both Kibo and Mawenzi, the two peaks which are separated by a thick protected natural forest.

Villages in the region are places worth visiting for their diversity of social services and tourist facilities capable of accommodating visitors from all corners of the world.

Christmas is a big holiday pulling thousands of families to converge from all parts in East Africa with some visitors from America, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Bearing the pride of the Mountain, the Kilimanjaro region stands among the places in Africa established with tourist hotels and lodges in its all places, mostly the villages where local communities spend their days with foreign visitors from Tanzania, East Africa, and other parts of the world during the end-of-year festivities.

Full of real African cultures and blended with modern lifestyles, the villages in Kilimanjaro are idyllic pieces of paradise pulling holidaymakers where they join families to spend annual vacations together with local communities to enjoy the real African life.

On the western side of the mountain is the Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (WMA) teeming with giraffe, Thomson gazelle, zebra, wildebeest, elephant, oryx, lion, buffalo, leopard, eland, and hyena.

Enduimet is a place for photographic safaris on the mountain slopes since it lies on the Kitendeni migratory corridor where wild animals move between Tsavo West, Mkomazi, Kilimanjaro, and Amboseli national parks in Kenya and Tanzania.

Elephants, oryx, zebras, giraffes, lions, buffaloes, leopards, elands, wildebeests, hyenas, and other African big mammals can easily be seen while migrating between Kilimanjaro and Amboseli National Parks.

Prominence of this mountain is not only to its climbers, mostly foreign tourists, but locals and other people in East Africa do respect this mountain by its political, economic, and social influences on communities living on its slopes and those visiting the area.

Development of medium-sized and modern tourist hotels and small-sized establishments in villages surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro are new kinds of hotel investments outside the towns, cities, and the wildlife parks in Africa, making the Kilimanjaro slopes among the best tourist hot spots to visit in Africa.

Source: eTurboNews