When in Arusha, enjoy some fresh bread at Tanz

The loaf was gone in two days, wolfed down by yours truly. This was two months ago, when a friend brought me a loaf of Danish bread from Arusha.

One bite and I was hooked. The bread went down well with breakfast condiments, as well as with sauces and meat for lunch and dinner.

When I recently went to Arusha, I visited the bakery to see where the bread was made.

Tanz Hands Bakery is located on the Moshi-Arusha highway, close to the Arumeru Post office. It is part of the USA River Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre-URRVTC establishments.

“Our Danish bread is made from oats, sunflower oil, honey with linseed and sesame seeds,” Godlove Yona, the head pastry chef, said.

The bakery employs six people, all who are part of the URRVTC, a centre for people with disabilities. Godlove was a student there from 2010 to 2014.

Tanz Hands bakery opened in 2013, and its products include bread that is made fresh every day. My interview with Godlove had to be conducted early in the morning as he was coming from his work shift, which began at 1am.

Tanz Hands also makes pastries like ciabatta bread, crescent rolls, bagels, croissants, muffins, brownies, as well their own rye bread. They call it “Tanzania Bread” — it has wholewheat grain, cassava, chickpeas and ulezi (a mix of sorghum and other local grains) flour.

It is a healthy loaf, but make sure to consume it within a few days after purchase for it tends to harden quickly.

This bakery is built inside a shipping container, allowing for a quick cup of coffee or tea outside with their delicious pastries.

The bakery sells its goods at the All-Mart, Pick n Pay and Sable Square supermarkets in Arusha.

They also supply Alims supermarket in Moshi. Customers who prefer no eggs or are lactose intolerant are also catered for. The price range is from Tsh2,500 ($1) to Tsh7,500 ($3) for a loaf.

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