The Battle General of Butare and Rajagiri

Heroes and heroines are not only battlefield names but also humanity (Ubuntu) enshrined in culture, morals and history books with relish and grandeur for generations to emulate.



BY: Andrew Busingye

For a straight line distance of 5,249 kilometers apart, across the Equator, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, a small army embarked on a life conquering battle between two continents. In conventional military service the decorated generals are usually battle-hardened hard core exemplified humans who rise through the ranks with a gruesome, intense training.

From the legendary African warriors of Shaka Zulu in Southern Africa, Mau Mau in Kenya, Ethiopians’ resistance against colonial rule. Legends, heroines and heroes have risen such as Dedan Kimathi , Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Martin Luther etc even when some never fired gun triggered bullets.

Heroes and heroines are not only battlefield names but also humanity (Ubuntu) enshrined in culture, morals and history books with relish and grandeur for generations to emulate. Most legends’ next of kin are probably still basking in glory shadows and privileges to-date.
Are you wondering why or whether am lamenting or praising heroes and heroines?
I am actually doing none of the above. However, I am trying to put on record a generational hero of modern times who has no military background nor experience. This human being hails from a small township of Butare (rock in English) in South Western Uganda, slightly below the Equator line, Southern hemisphere of East Africa region on the African continent.
This Butare village is best known for its tea growing activities, it is an ordinary folks township on the highway linking the famous Bunyaruguru crater lakes to the Queen Elizabeth National park via Kazinga channel close to Uganda – Democratic Republic of Congo border. The civilian-hero-general is Kansiime Caleb.
Is there such a thing as a civilian general? Yes, there is. Dictionary by Merriam-Webster defines a civilian general as a person not on active duty in the armed services. This Bushenyi – Butare legend Kansiime Caleb, in his late thirties gave up a vital organ of his body to save another soul. Precisely a kidney. Caleb is Married to a young queen Esther, both blessed by three children Shaun , Shaughan and Crystal. The couple live an average life of hustlers’ proportions but what’s amazing is how they can give more than they get!
Back to the hero general, Caleb, this dark skinned light hearted man donated his kidney to Justus without any coercion, monetary gain or promise. The recipient, had a few months to live, apparently because of longstanding illness originating from blood sugar problems.
What’s more remarkable is the donor Caleb and his family even participated in a fundraising campaign for funds to support medical care in India to Justus for five months.
Caleb, Justus and his wife Doreen travelled to Rajagiri Hospital in Kochi, Kerala , India May 2022 and returned November 2022 after a successful kidney transplant. In a community WhatsApp group formed by friends, workmates and wellwishers to contribute support for medical care, the donor and recipient kept morale high by sharing updates of what transpired and religious notes of hope with faith.
General Caleb is deserving of the highest possible reward, rank and medal there is in this world, so going forward I move a humanitarian motion to have this “hero civilian general of Butare and Rajagiri” given a well-deserved chance to inspire more troops into such causes of selfless service to humanity.